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Read before applying Empty Read before applying

Post by apex on 2014-07-24, 5:19 am

We are glad you are showing interest in joining The Ðivine. Before going any further, we ask that you read all of our rules HERE as well as our Code of Conduct. After doing so, post your application in the Membership section using the instructions below.

Please title your application topic like so:
Your name's Application

Please copy and paste the following format and fill it out in your application:
Ingame names & previous names:
Previous clans:

Do you have a microphone:
Do you have TeamSpeak:
Time playing MBII:
Favorite Class(es):
Why have you chosen to apply:
How will you benefit our clan:
Do you have CMP (Community Map Pack):
Any additional info you wish to share:

Thank you, and good luck.
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