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Code of Conduct

Post by apex on 2014-07-24, 1:42 pm

Code of Conduct

Being a player in our community or a member of our clan requires a certain code of conduct. We want to provide a welcoming environment for all players and to do so there must be certain guidelines set for players to follow. We do not ask much of you only that you are respectful of all players regardless of their behavior. We understand people are going to mess around and we don't look for you to be perfect little angels, just don't be a complete douche to other players. Treat them as you'd want to be treated essentially. Also, we expect the majority of our members to avoid confrontation as much as possible. When a part of our clan you are representing our name and we don't want to look like little kiddies having arguments. So to avoid that just ignore whoever may be trying to instigate and if you're the one instigating I assure you; you will be dealt with. In addition in order for the clan to stay alive our members must be active on both the server and forums. Upon joining our community we expect you to be as prospering as you possibly can and contribute as much as you can. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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