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In the Ðivine we like to keep things as simple as possible; that includes our rules. Our rules, or guidelines, apply to our in game servers, TeamSpeak server, and also our forum. When using any of these we ask that you follow our simple requests. Failure to do so or comply with admin after being corrected may result in a ban. We try not to ban many players from any of our servers as we are a rather welcoming and accepting community. If you end up getting banned by any of our administrators there is most likely a good reason. By chance you are banned, you may file a report of it in our quality report section - here

1.) No hacking - If any of our admins feel you are using a wallhack or anything of the sort you will be asked to stop on the spot. Failure to do so will resort in a kick, return and continue and it will resort in a ban. All admins are required to demo video proof of any type of hacking to back up their decision.

2.) Respect all users - While using our in game servers or TeamSpeak, and our forum, we ask that you respect all users and treat them as you would want to be treated. Failure to comply with this request will resort in a kick or ban from wherever you may be causing trouble. This varies depending on the circumstances.

3.) No recruiting or advertising - We ask that you do not recruit for other clans while on any of our servers, as well as advertising a website for any clan. We understand if you are linking to a specific thing, but we do not accept blatant advertising. If you are suggesting to play on another server we can understand and are not very strict when it comes to this.

4.) No team killing / team damaging - On our in game server we request that you refrain from purposely killing members of your team, damaging them, or putting them in line of fire from the enemy. We understand if you are messing around with a friend and can accept this if they themselves do not mind. However, failure to seize when asked by an admin may result in a kick from our server.

5.) No harassment - This is our final rule and is somewhat vague, but rightfully so. There are many "troll" behaviors that can easily be classified under harassment. Constantly bothering players of our server or users of TeamSpeak or our forum with a negative attitude or demeanor basically. If an administrator feels your behavior is classified as harassment you will be asked to refrain from continuing. Failure to do so may result in a kick or ban, depending on the circumstances.

Usual procedures go as following:

1st warning - You are asked to stop breaking a specific rule
2nd warning - You are asked one more time to refrain from breaking said rule

Kick/forced spectator - Varying on the situation, failure to comply with the first two warnings will resort in either a kick from our servers or being forced into spectator mode.

3rd warning - If you are kicked or force spec'd and return continuing the same behavior, you will be given a third warning to stop what you're doing.
4th warning - As we do not wish to ban you from our server, you will be given one final warning to seize all acts that have been requested to stop.

Temporary ban/permanent ban - Varying on the situation, failure to comply with the administrator's 4th and final request will resort in a temporary ban or a permanent ban. All permanent bans are reversible depending on the situation. Temporary bans can last anywhere from 10-500 rounds.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully complying with our rules.

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