Slogan wants to be a big D

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Slogan wants to be a big D Empty Slogan wants to be a big D

Post by newb on 2015-02-17, 4:57 am

Ingame names & previous names:Slogan
Previous clans:TLP. The Last Push. Terrible Low-quality Pussy, Ting Lang Ping, Torpid Laser Potrusions, etc
Do you have a microphone:Yes
Do you have TeamSpeak:Of Course
Time playing MBII:9 years?
Country/Timezone:US Pacific Time
Favorite Class(es):Sold/ET/Hero/BH/Mando/Clone in that order
Why have you chosen to apply:I want to fight my brother
How will you benefit our clan:I like cheese
Do you have CMP (Community Map Pack):I have it downloaded but keep forgetting to put the files in my jka folder
Any additional info you wish to share:Apex told me a long time ago to join

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