Current Server Rotation Quality Report

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Current Server Rotation Quality Report

Post by Goku on 2014-07-28, 8:59 pm

So I think the map rotation is alright but I feel the most overplayed is Commtower, Coruscant, Lunarbase, Dotf, and if I missed one I forgot the name of, then correct me, but I think we should focus on fixing RTV / RTM on there so for some days we can make it FA on custom maps or power battles, there is a map Jedi Enclave which I haven't played in for a long long long time because I guess no one likes it because rarely anyone played it.

So my suggestion for the rotation should be: 1 - Tatooine, 2 - Commtower, 3 - Deathstar, 4 - Lunarbase, 5 - Jedi Enclave, 6 - Yavin IV, 7 - Jedi Temple, 8 - Kamino, 9 - Cloud City, and for 10, it'swhere you're in a big snowy place where the C.I.S invade and Ki Adi Mundi is the only Jedi there to cross a bridge and blow up a forcefield blocking a big tower of some kind to blow up a generator inside, basically retaking the place, but Order 66 was placed as was doing so where he died.

The list is from first to last maps played in that order, let me know your thoughts about this, hope to see it implemented.  Very Happy

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Re: Current Server Rotation Quality Report

Post by apex on 2014-07-28, 9:05 pm

Thanks for the feedback Goku it's appreciated. I would like to get RTV working as well, I'm going to look into it and speak with our server provider so that we can get it going and not have to worry about a rotation. Until then I am going to take your map suggestions into consideration and revise the current rotation into something a little more spiced up. Thanks again
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