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Post by apex on 2014-07-29, 1:03 am

I would just like to update everyone on the current status of our clan. A council of leadership has been formed consisting of:

Robin Hood

Although there is a council, all decisions will be held for a poll in our private discussion section. This allows for us to gather everyone's opinion on what they feel is best for the clan and ultimately make a decision. Of course the majority wins. The Council will also step in for any decisions that cannot be made by a poll as well as any administrative decisions that need to be made.

The Council will expand upon the growth of our clan and more seats will be available to our most loyal and active members.

In other news our badge system has finally been implemented and all information regarding that can be found in this section of the forums:

Badges are OPTIONAL, they are simply something for our members to strive toward and we hope you take advantage of that. We are all equal and we are a brotherhood.
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