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Link's Application Empty Link's Application

Post by Link on 2015-06-04, 11:25 am

Ingame names & previous names: Link or sometimes Sheeik, but now I'll use Link Very Happy

Previous clans: None

Age: 19

Steam/Xfire: I don't have none of these D:

Do you have a microphone: Yep Very Happy

Do you have TeamSpeak: I can download it

Time playing MBII: Since 2011

Country/Timezone: Ciudad de Panamá

Favorite Class(es): Jedi, clonetrooper, arc trooper

Why have you chosen to apply: Because I've seen divine players and they're good, I like the way they deal other players.

How will you benefit our clan: Well, I guess following the rules, being a good member, attending to the highest members.

Do you have CMP (Community Map Pack): Yees Very Happy

Any additional info you wish to share:
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Link's Application Empty Re: Link's Application

Post by apex on 2015-06-05, 9:09 am

This isn't the website we use anymore. Go here:
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